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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the strap help my posture?

Yes! As our muscles get tighter, our body wants to pull down and forward, causing our shoulders to round forward and our body sink toward the ground. What we are doing through stretching is elongating all of those muscles that place pressure on all of our joints, which in turn causes less spacing in our joints and creates friction. In essence, we are allowing more room in the joint which in turn elongates and straightens our body.

Can the strap help if I have Parkinson’s Disease?

Absolutely. Through my 17 years of stretching people on a daily basis, I have worked with numerous individuals with Parkinson’s. In my opinion, the TStretch strap is the best alternative to helping an individual stretch. It allows you to isolate muscles that you just can’t usually do on your own.

Can the strap be used by someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Yes it can. I will always tell you to consult with your physician first, but a stretching program can help ease pain and battle against joint stiffness. The handles on the strap comfortably allows you to use your arms to pull on the strap if you have a difficult time grasping things with your hands.

Can stretching help reduce blood pressure?

Yes. Vasoconstriction is a term used to describe the narrowing of a blood vessel due to the tightening of the surrounding muscle.  When a person stretches properly and allows the muscle to relax, the muscle can release the proverbial choke hold it has on the blood vessels, allowing for better circulation of blood and oxygen.

Why the T-shape design and not the loop at the end, and why the 3 inch material instead of the 1 inch?

I have been a flexibility specialist for nearly 20 years and I wanted to design a tool that could simulate more of what I do with my clients. The patent pending design creates better leverage for each stretch. It also has given us the ability to do stretches that can really isolate muscles that have been hard to stretch in the past. Plus, it won’t slip off!

What is the strap made of?

The strap is made of heavyweight polypropylene which is a very strong material that has a recommended working load of 650 pounds.

Can the strap be cleaned?

Yes. Although the strap is moisture, mildew, and rot resistant, you can actually put the strap in the washing machine to clean it. I also typically wipe it off after I use it.  Oh, and by the way it is also UV resistant as well! So use it outside too.

Can I iron the strap?

I don’t recommend it. The strap will begin to melt at 330 degrees.

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, Visa, MC, Amex, Discover

What is your return policy?

30 day return policy, sender pages for the return shipping

What is the shipping cost if I buy in bulk?

Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with a special shipping rate.

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